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“As a board certified nurse practitioner it is extremely important the products that I stand behind. When I became pregnant by surprise, I spent days researching all the prenatals on the market and quality of ingredients. I chose the PCOS Doc prenatal bundle not only for the quality of sourcing, but the potency and addition of ingredients not often prioritized in a prenatal vitamin. Most specifically, the 900mg of choline proved to be the highest available. With the addition of CoQ10 and other vital nutrients, it even surprised my OB and Midwife team. I felt incredible during and post pregnancy taking this prenatal. I know my little guy says thank you as well, as he is surpassing his milestones and continues to be a happy, healthy baby.”

Kristina Biggs

“This is the ONLY prenatal I have found that doesn’t make me feel sick. As someone who owns a supplement brand and has been in the industry for over 10 years, I know a quality product when I see one. I can see and feel the difference in this prenatal omega bundle versus it’s competitors. It is better than anything else I’ve tried on the market. I LOVE that it has methylated B vitamins and I can tell the ingredients are SO high quality.”

Angie Lee
Co-Founder of Soul CBD, Speaker, Podcast Host

"I have been a colleague of Dr. Natalie for years and she has a true passion for women’s health and functional medicine. She has poured years of time, education and knowledge into her supplement line and they are incredible! I don’t have many prenatal’s that I recommend at my office (which is a women’s health, prenatal/postpartum, peds specific office) but her’s is one of them - truly one of the most nutrient dense on the market!
Incredible levels of choline and 5-MTHF! I love it stacked with her Super Omega’s and NAC as well! Truly the best prenatal stack ever!
I also have been taking it myself and have noticed better energy, increased cervical mucous and less and less PMS symptoms!
Couldn’t recommend enough!"

Dr. Taylor Feimster
Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor